Thursday, May 26, 2011

49th Academy Awards' Nominees & Winners

Best Picture:

Other Nominees:

Best Achievement in Directing:
John G. Avildsen - Rocky

Other Nominees:
Alan J. Pakula - All the President's Men

Ingmar Bergman - Face to Face

Sidney Lumet - Network

Lina Wertmüller - Seven Beauties

Best Actor in a Leading Role:
Peter Finch in Network

Other Nominees:
Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver

Giancarlo Giannini in Seven Beauties

William Holden in Network

Sylvester Stallone in Rocky

Best Actress in a Leading Role:
Faye Dunaway in Network

Other Nominees:
Marie-Christine Barrault in Cousin, Cousine

Talia Shire in Rocky

Sissy Spacek in Carrie

Liv Ullmann in Face to Face

Best Actor in a Supporting Role:
Jason Robards in All the President's Men

Other Nominees:
Ned Beatty in Network

Burgess Meredith in Rocky

Laurence Olivier in Marathon Man

Burt Young in Rocky

Best Actress in a Supporting Role:
Beatrice Straight in Network

Other Nominees:
Jane Alexander in All the President's Men

Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver

Lee Grant in Voyage of the Damned

Piper Laurie in Carrie

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